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As Onfido’s co-founder and COO, Eamon runs a tight ship. He set up the company while studying at Oxford University and has been managing the company’s international growth and expansion ever since

Why it’s time for gambling companies to put ‘booth babes’ on ICE

It’s been an uncomfortable few days at ICE Totally Gaming. This is the third year Onfido has
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Skilling Up to Scale Up

Last month we announced our $30m funding round from CraneVC and Microsoft Ventures. Today I’m excited to
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We raised $30m... now the hard work starts

I’m incredibly proud to announce that we’ve raised $30m from Crane Venture Partners and Microsoft Ventures,
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We’re joining the Future Fifty programme from Tech City UK

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve been accepted onto Tech City UK’s Future Fifty
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A meeting of worlds - why the sharing economy will share, not conquer

A common media narrative concerning the sharing economy is that the sector is looking to not just change
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Onfido joins ranks with SEUK to make the sharing economy the lingua franca

We’re delighted to announce that Onfido is now officially a member of SEUK – the UK based trade
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Are Britons ready to let go of trust issues and go steady with the sharing economy?

Hours after winning back the keys to 10 Downing Street, David Cameron told the nation that the UK
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The trust barrier: background checking and the sharing economy

The sharing economy is booming: this fact will come as no surprise to anyone who’s booked a
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