Getting Right to Work Checks right...and why we built a better way.

Getting right to work checks right is no mean feat.

Failure to complete checks correctly can result in fines of up to £20k per person and, in 2015 alone, £50 million in such fines were issued to businesses across the UK. If you get it wrong, the risk to your business is significant – so how can you be sure that the person you’re hiring really has the right to work?

Instances of fraud in job applications are increasing every year, so it’s never been more important to ensure your processes are efficient and robust. You need to be certain that not only do your applicant’s documents provide the right to work, but also that they aren’t lost, stolen or fraudulent. In short, you need to be sure that your potential employees are who they say they are.

But verifying that every employee is fully compliant is a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why we found a better way to do it. At Onfido, we’ve built our own solution – it ticks all the required boxes, so you can cut your manual overheads and be confident that everything is above board when the Home Office comes knocking.

Here’s how we can help...


How do you keep your right to work records? If you know at all, the answer will most likely be on paper, in filing cabinets and in various different branches across your network. While that might seem good enough for now, it won’t help you when you’re challenged to produce those records for the Home Office. Keeping such important information in a paper-based system is not secure, searchable or scalable, and is particularly inefficient for companies with several outlets and large, dispersed workforces.
Onfido’s solution acts as a central repository for those records, ensuring that you can maintain visibility across your staff, managing and accessing their data quickly and easily. The results of any checks you’ve run will automatically appear next to each applicant’s profile in your ATS, so you’ll know exactly what their status is without ever having to rummage in a dusty filing cabinet again.



For businesses looking to grow their teams, making it easy for potential applicants to reach the end is essential – if the journey is difficult, they’ll drop-off and look elsewhere.
We know that offering an intuitive onboarding experience is vital to recruiting the best candidates, so Onfido makes it as easy as possible for them to complete their screening. Our team of UI & UX experts tested different workflows and use-cases, ultimately designing an interface which allows users to upload their documents with ease. We’re building what we like to call a ‘friction-right’ experience, a journey that is easy enough to complete but still provides you with the robust assurance you need.


Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated: through meticulous manipulation of fonts, holograms and images, they are able to create high-quality fraudulent documents that fool not only the naked eye, but a lot of software, too. The chances are, they’ll also fool even the most highly trained hiring managers.
Onfido’s machine learning technology is trained to spot forgeries and fakes, and can also check documents against international databases to make sure they aren’t lost, stolen or otherwise compromised. Without access to these, it will be very difficult for your team to identify the different permissions provided by the various international visas and passports that come through the door. With our expert tech, you can be sure of every single person on your staff.


Your Hiring Managers are experts in hiring, not in spotting fraud. They’re busy people, and with so many other responsibilities, they may not always be able to complete right to work checks to the required standard. Even with the right training in place, making sure all the required compliance measures are met is a massive job that takes a significant chunk out of your human and financial resources.
Couldn’t all that time and money be better spent elsewhere? Our automated solution cuts your manual overheads by taking the load off your team, as well as removing the risk of human error and making sure your approach is robust and standardised across the board.


As a high-volume employer, the chances are that you or one of your competitors has recently come under scrutiny from the Home Office. When a request for information is issued, the consequences of non-compliance can be considerable – not only in terms of financial but also reputational damage. Tracking down the required records from the correct store, having it dug out, scanned and sent back to you doesn’t make your job easy. Aside from the manual burden, there’s also the risk that you won’t be able to find records of checks even if you’ve conducted them correctly, finding yourself unfairly fined purely due to poor data management. It’s not a risk your business can afford to take.
An automated audit trail is far preferable, so that’s what Onfido’s solution provides. It means that you’ll be able to easily offer proof of having complied with legal regulation, keeping your reputation clean and your business ahead of the competition.


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