Ready to go global? Join us to learn how to make a splash as you cross the pond.

It’s a big world out there – and as a startup, you’ll know quite how difficult making your mark on it can be.

From developing your product offering to defining and targeting your core markets, the challenges are many, and things only get harder as you start to scale. So what happens when you’re ready to take the next step and expand your business abroad?

On September 14th, we’ll be hosting an online workshop in conjunction with OnboardIQ to help you navigate the choppy waters of going global.

Having expanded our identity verification and background checking services to 132 countries worldwide, and opened new offices in 3, it’s an area we know particularly well at Onfido. Join our CEO and co-founder, Husayn Kassai, and Head of Operations at OnboardIQ, Nico Roberts, as they share wisdom and advice on how to make the difficult transition.

Focussing on the 7 key strategies you should think about when expanding globally, ‘The Startup’s Guide to International Expansion’ will take you through common issues and stumbling blocks, including how to manage your workforce, test your ideas in new markets, and tactically consider where to make your next move. If you’re ready to diversify but don’t know where to begin, the webinar will offer the practical advice and expert insight that could help you transition from local talent to global superstar.

Sign up here to reserve your space, and make sure to follow the conversation using #OnGoingGlobal from 11 AM PST.

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Husayn is Onfido's CEO, and the smile behind the company. An entrepreneur by nature, Husayn was only 12 when he started up his first business: selling foreign music online.