Padworthy looks to Onfido as it gets ready to take on the world

Joe Mahavuthivanij, CEO and co-founder of Padworthy, reveals how Onfido is not only critical to the security and trustworthiness of its product, but also key to the startup’s international expansion.

Padworthy is a San Francisco startup rebuilding the property rental process from the ground up. Its user friendly online platform is perfectly designed to take the hassle out of leasing a property.

By creating standardised, reusable and shareable online ‘renter resumes’, Padworthy helps landlords find their perfect tenant and renters avoid the headaches that usually come with the apartment hunt and application process.

Padworthy works with background checking provider Onfido to ensure that those looking to rent property through its platform have been thoroughly vetted and screened. Through its API integration with Onfido, Padworthy allows landlords to see a full report on all applicants and make a fast, informed and safe choice that’s right for them.

In turn, tenants can reuse their resume to apply for other properties - saving them the time and expense of filling out new forms and waiting to be re-screened.

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A ‘customer first’ approach

From identity checks to watchlist searches, Onfido offers its customers all the products they need - whether it be to onboard new employees or, in this instance, approve an individual’s access to a property.

In the US, credit reports and background checks are a minimum requirement for most landlords when it comes to screening potential renters.

“What’s fantastic about Onfido is that their à la carte model allows you to pick the services you need,” says Joe Mahavuthivanij, CEO and co-founder of Padworthy. “Some companies only offer their products as a package, which often works out to be more expensive.

“Onfido puts your needs first, allowing you to select the checks you want without making you pay for the ones you don’t. That means we can tailor our offering to meet the demands of our customers.”

Onfido’s real-time background checks are essential to Padworthy’s operating model - allowing users to skip the weeks of waiting that can come from using traditional, paper-based screening processes, and instead get results instantly.

“With Onfido’s API, everyone wins,” explains Joe. “Landlords aren’t losing out on income by having to wait weeks for results and tenants spend much less time waiting for decisions. Onfido helps us make the rental experience better for everyone.”

Full support for every step of the way

Onfido prides itself on offering comprehensive customer support at all stages. Although Onfido’s background checking API is designed to be smoothly and easily integrated into any platform, it gives assistance before, during and after implementation.

“Working with Onfido has been incredible,” says Joe. “We had a first rate and personalised service from the team at all times.

“Whether it’s been technical support from the engineering team or one-on-one advice from individual staff, it’s been a huge help. It’s not just the product that stands out in the market, it’s the service on top of that which really puts Onfido ahead of their competitors.

An international solution for an international product

Padworthy’s USA launch is just the first step of a planned international rollout. With Onfido’s global data infrastructure spanning over 132 countries, Padworthy sees Onfido as a critical part of those expansion plans.

“We aspire to be an internationally successful company,” says Joe. “Onfido is a truly international organisation and one we see as being very much a part of our journey.

“Knowing that the security and professionalism we are used to from Onfido is waiting to be tapped in the overseas markets is very reassuring. That kind of continuity is a massive plus when expanding abroad and yet another reason we feel that Onfido is the best solution of its kind.”


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