Onfido delivers rapid results to an industry where fast delivery is key

Richard Chen, CEO and Co-Founder at NY Metro Runners , speaks of how Onfido’s secure background checking and identity verification service lays the foundations for building trust with clients.

NY Metro Runners is a technology-based courier service. It uses purpose-built software to eliminate wasteful and empty-handed courier journeys and speed up client deliveries.

Based in Manhattan, New York, the firm’s ‘dispatching algorithm’ combines GPS information and route planning tools to ensure its couriers always take the quickest and most practical routes when travelling, serving multiple clients at once.

Despite the city’s notorious traffic, 90% of its customers receive their order within 27 minutes.

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Rapid results for a rapid service

Since its foundation, NY Metro Runners has used Onfido to vet all of its applicants. In Manhattan’s fast-moving and fluid job market, it is essential that Richard’s team can screen all potential candidates as quickly and securely as possible.

“We are a technology company and set great store on using the very best tools to get a job done,” explains Richard Chen, CEO and Co-Founder. “Onfido’s modern approach and excellent user design makes it a natural fit for us. They also move with a pace far removed from traditional background checking agencies, which simply aren’t suited for the type of platform we run.

“The courier and delivery industry moves at such a pace we simply can’t afford to get bogged down in paperwork and slow admin process. If we do, we lose out on clients.”

NY Metro Runners employs a pool of over 100 riders at any one time. Critical to the startup’s success is its ability to recruit couriers quickly whilst being 100% confident in their trustworthiness.

“Our riders are representing hundreds of local businesses each day,” says Richard. “They are the face of each and every company they deliver for. It’s imperative for us that we can vouch for them and reassure our clients that they are, quite literally, in safe hands. The key to being able to do that is, of course, in running background checks.

“Onfido allows us to carry out the most thorough and most robust checks possible and show to our partners that their reputation is in good hands. With Onfido, we know that within just a couple of days we will have the results we need back and be able to make our hiring decisions.”

Laying the foundations for trust

Alongside background checks, NY Metro Runners also use Onfido for identity verification. Checking a job candidate’s identity ensures the person they run their background check on is exactly who they say there are, thereby eliminating the risk of being compromised by hiring someone who has used a false ID or forged document.

“Our riders deliver directly to people’s flats, homes and offices,” explains Richard. “We cannot take any risk, however small, that that person is not who they say they are or that they have some kind of criminal record. Onfido’s identity checks are an essential part of building trust with our clients and within our rider community.”

For the riders that use NY Metro Runner’s platform, the service allows them to work with a flexibility and sense of control that working for a single company or traditional courier agency simply doesn’t allow. Richard and his team have designed a delivery service built for the digital era, with Onfido being a core part of its operation.

“Our success has proven to New York’s businesses that our model works,” says Richard. “A critical part of that success has undoubtedly been the security we offer by the way we screen our riders.

Onfido makes us more efficient, which means our system run better. In turn, that helps the business we serve run more effectively, too. Background checks may seem a small part of a business, but getting it right gives you the foundation to build your success upon.”


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