Introducing Onfido's New Logo

A logo is like the tip of an iceberg.

It may look small, but it’s reflective of all that goes on beneath the surface - within the organisation itself.

Each year, icebergs can travel up to 6000 nautical miles.

Since its launch in 2012, Onfido, too, has travelled far. In the last year alone, we have grown the team from 17 to 77, opened offices in Lisbon and San Francisco and welcomed a host of new global clients, from Turo to Deliveroo.

However, we noticed that the tip of the iceberg was no longer connected with what was below. Our logo no longer reflected the innovative and global company that we have become today. Nor did it reflect our mission to be the trust engine powering human interactions worldwide.

And so we started sketching and testing, searching for a new face for our brand. 12 typographies, 69 types of tick, and 47 gradients later, we’re delighted to bring to you the new Onfido logo — the global trust symbol.

Husayn Kassai, Co-founder and CEO of Onfido.


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Husayn is Onfido's CEO, and the smile behind the company. An entrepreneur by nature, Husayn was only 12 when he started up his first business: selling foreign music online.