JustGiving turns to Onfido for its high match rates and seamless integration

JustGiving Product Manager, Jonathan Waddingham, explains how JustGiving went about finding their new AML & KYC provider and why Onfido came out on top.

JustGiving is the world’s leading social platform for giving. Since being founded in 2001, it has helped individuals and charities raise over $3.5 billion for good causes across 164 countries.

JustGiving provides easy to use online tools and processing services to enable the collection of charitable donations - intelligently connecting causes with people who care.

Since January 2016, JustGiving has used Onfido’s API to help onboard those wanting to use the site to crowdfund to make good things happen.

“People and brands use JustGiving for causes extremely close to their heart,” says Product Manager, Jonathan Waddingham. “Users need to know they can trust us completely.

“With both finances and reputation on the line, security is a priority to us. We are committed to having the best KYC & AML procedures available to prevent fraudulent activity. That’s exactly what Onfido provides us with.”

Step 1: Identity Match-Rate Testing

JustGiving turned to Onfido to help increase its identity verification match rates - the percentage of people that can be identified through an identity check.

“We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to use JustGiving to crowdfund,” explains Waddingham. “But we also want to make sure that fraudsters don’t slip through the net. For that, high match-rates and fast turnaround times are essential.

“We evaluated many different suppliers and ran head-to-head testing using sample data. Onfido came out on top so going with them was a no-brainer.

“With other providers, there’s often a compromise to be made between match-rate and speed: the higher the match-rate, the lower the speed; the higher the speed, the lower the match-rate.

“With Onfido, there is no compromise. They have built their own proprietary document scanning software which is complemented by a range of other checks to ensure that high match-rates can be returned in record time. It really is the best of both worlds.”

Step 2: Ease of Technical Integration

After testing match-rates, the next thing Waddingham looked for was ease of technical integration.

To support developers, Onfido’s API documentation walks designers through every step of the implementation and testing procedure, with full assistance always available from Onfido’s engineering team.

“Onfido’s API was incredibly easy to integrate with our system,” explains Waddingham. “Everything we needed to know was clearly outlined in the online documentation and any questions we did have were immediately answered by the excellent tech support team. The speed with which we integrated the API into our platform was genuinely impressive.”

Step 3: A Frictionless User Onboarding Flow

A large part of JustGiving’s success is the user-friendly design of its platform. It’s essential that any KYC & AML checks do not disrupt or break up the smoothness of the sign-up process.

By integrating with Onfido’s API, any website or app can seamlessly run KYC & AML checks on its users right from within its own interface.

“We don’t want our users whisked off to some third-party website to complete their sign-up or be made to jump through a series of hoops,” said Waddingham. “We pride ourself on ease of use and Onfido shares that philosophy.”

The Icing on the Cake

Another reason JustGiving opted for Onfido was the extra level of screening offered compared to other players on the market. In cases where extra steps may be needed to safely verify an individual’s identity, Onfido carries out a ‘street level check’ where a letter, complete with a unique verification code, is sent to the applicant’s home address.

Once received, the applicant enters this code online to confirm their address. This additional layer of security helps filter out false applicants who may be impersonating someone else or using a false address.

“It’s features such as the street level check which puts Onfido a step above,” says Waddingham. “It not only prevents fraud, it also allows an applicant - who may be entirely genuine but only have a slim credit footprint - every chance of using JustGiving to crowdfund.

“We searched far and wide for the best solution before we chose Onfido. It was soon clear to us that Onfido was the most robust, secure and efficient option out there – allowing us to focus on helping people make a real difference for the things they care about.”


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