Onfido helps iCracked win customers’ confidence

Wolf Kolb, Managing Director of iCracked, reveals how Onfido’s identity verification and background checking service helps cement trust with both personal and business customers.

iCracked is the world’s largest on-demand repair service for tablets and smartphones. Launched in Silicon Valley in 2011, the firm now has a global network of over 3,500 certified trained technicians.

These technicians, or ‘iTechs’, can be dispatched at the click of a button to respond to on-demand, on-site repair requests. As well as building a reputation as the most efficient on-demand repair service in the market, all of its repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty.

iCracked works closely with Onfido to ensure its employee screening process is as thorough, robust and streamlined as possible.

Laying the foundations for customer confidence and trust

“Successful on-demand services like iCracked are built on trust,” says Wolf Kolb, Managing Director of iCracked.

“Customers need to be 100% confident that the people they are hiring to come out to visit their home and office can be trusted.

“They must have complete faith that those who work for iCracked have been vetted to the highest standards. Onfido gives us the credibility we need so that our customers can have that all-important peace of mind.”

Onfido provides iCracked with a range of secure, in-depth background checks that helps them accurately asses the thousands of applicants that wish to become qualified iTechs.

As well as carrying out criminal background checks, Onfido also validates the identity of all candidates. By making identity verification part of its offering, Onfido guarantees that checks are performed on the actual applicant, rather than on a fake persona - which would render all other checks meaningless.

“Background checks are particularly important in our line of business,” says Wolf. “Smartphones are like a lifeline for our customers. They contain people’s personal and professional data as well as cherished photos, music and videos. Increasingly, they also hold people’s financial data and are replacing people’s wallets.

“It goes without saying that customers aren’t going to hand their phones over to people that can’t be 100% trusted not to misuse their devices. Onfido’s role in building that trust cannot be overstated.”

Meeting the demands of the B2B world

iCracked serves both individuals and business customers. The larger organisations it deals with are particularly strict in who they permit to handle and repair their mobile devices, so iCracked’s relationship with Onfido is critical in reassuring companies that iTechs have been subjected to the most stringent security checks.

“Working with companies raises all sorts of data protection issues, and Onfido helps us meet those requirements.

"It protects us when we deal with large organisations that operate with lots of sensitive data. Onfido doesn’t just make us feel more secure, but also the firms we serve.”

Speeding up and smoothing out the recruitment process

As a fast-growing and rapidly expanding on-demand service, iCracked works hard to ensure its recruitment process is as efficient and cost-effective as can be. Onfido’s automation of the background checking process has helped speed up iCracked’s hiring, and also slashed costs.

“We can gather so much more information on our applicants than we could before”, says Wolf.

“And we can do it quicker and for less cost. It’s really helped us refine our whole recruiting procedure. Best of all, they’ve plugged into our whole operation very smoothly.”

Wolf’s team has an open and active communication channel to Onfido’s support department, meaning help, advice and technical support is always on hand when needed.

“We’ve been very happy working with Onfido,” says Wolf. “They have a fantastic understanding of how start-ups and fast growth companies work - which is priceless. They are eager to work with us, flexible, quick to solve problems and constantly looking to improve. They share our values and goals, which makes it a very rewarding relationship.”


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