11 reasons to join Onfido

Whether it’s our unlimited budget for learning, or our company hosted dinners at some of London's hottest restaurants, everyone at Onfido has a favourite thing about working here. Don't take our word for it, though; hear what our team had to say when we asked them!

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1. We're disrupting an archaic industry with machine learning and AI technologies.

2. We work with some of the most innovative and fastest-growing companies on the planet.

3. 67 people. 33 countries. 30 languages.

4. We offer equity to the whole team - so every single employee owns a part of Onfido.

5. Pool!

6. We are a diverse team, but share the same core values.

7. We believe success is the result of working together.

8. We're fiercely proud of all that we do.

9. We love to learn new things and share them.

10. We continually find new ways to make things better.

11. ... and we are based in the heart of Covent Garden, London!

Check out our open positions here!

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Farah is responsible for all things recruitment at Onfido and recently moved to London from Toronto. She is passionate about creating unique experiences and lasting memories for the tech community.