Onfido ensures Morgan McKinley stands out in competitive market

Natalie McCullough, Head of Internal Governance at Morgan McKinley London, explains how using Onfido’s background checking service has not only improved its workflow and cut costs, but also helped them stand out in a competitive market.

Morgan McKinley is a professional services recruitment consultancy with a global reputation for excellence. For over a quarter of a century its consultants have connected specialist talent with leading employers across a range of industries.

Natalie McCullough is Head of Internal Governance at the firm’s London office, and one of her main tasks is to implement new technologies and innovations into the company’s working practices.

“Morgan McKinley is passionate about continuous improvement,” says Natalie. “We take pride in giving our clients the very best service possible, but there’s always a way to be better, smarter and more efficient.

“This is why we turned to Onfido for background checking. We saw how they had a fresh approach to an outdated process and realised that they could offer a solution to the frustrations we had always encountered in this area.”

Our pre-employment  screening solution

Morgan McKinley has always recognised the importance of pre-employment screening and has identified how it is a competitive advantage, especially in the financial sector, to be able to offer fast turnaround times and a seamless applicant experience.

“Not only would we find it tough to get providers to carry out the vetting process in time,” explains Natalie. “But we would usually be left without real time updates on screening progress and no communication as to what, if any, issues are present and when it might be resolved. It was incredibly frustrating for us, our clients and for our candidates.

“We don’t have that with Onfido. Not only is the service faster than any we’ve used before, but it’s completely transparent. Our account allows us to use a dashboard to check the status of our applicants whenever we want across any of our client packages. That means the team is always fully informed and it makes a huge difference to our workflow.”

Onfido is digitising the background screening industry, enabling them to get faster and more accurate results than other players in the market. Additionally, the reduction in manual entry massively reduces the chances of human error affecting results. By using its award-winning technology to automate the process, Onfido is able to drastically cut costs for customers.

“Reputation is everything for companies like Morgan McKinley and being able to guarantee the quality of our job applicants is paramount,” says Natalie. “Our client base covers a wide variety of industries and as a result the types of background checks required changes accordingly. We have to be able to guarantee to our clients that we will be able to consistently provide efficient and high quality services.”

Onfido is able to provide checks and vetting on everything Natalie’s team needs, including identity checks, ‘Right to Work’, employment history, academic and professional qualification checks, sanctions checks, and credit and criminal checks (UK and International).

“As recruiters we are, by our nature, risk averse,” says Natalie. “Onfido helps us make the right decisions. Onfido’s accuracy and extensive audit trail available instantly through a few clicks is something our clients have not experienced before.

Whatever the areas Morgan McKinley needs to cover when it comes to checking applicant’s backgrounds, Onfido gives them the flexibility and agility to do so.

“Onfido simplifies our working practices therefore allowing us to implement new supporting processes for quality control,” says Natalie. “They have managed to make the whole process smoother whilst making the results faster and more robust. In recent times, the need for online services to be flexible and adaptable for candidates who don’t work the 9-5 has been of significant importance to us. In the past 5 years, the recruitment compliance sector has been dominated by technology and new legislation, meaning we need to be at the forefront of service providers to ensure that we can continue to meets the screening and contractual requirements of our client base.”

“We know for a fact that one of our major clients now exclusively uses us for recruiting as they are so impressed with the background checking service we provide. Onfido’s service has become a key differentiator for us and the quality of service we have been able to provide.”


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About Morgan McKinley

Morgan McKinley is a global professional services recruiter connecting specialist talent with leading employers across multiple industries and disciplines.

With offices across Ireland, the UK, EMEA, Asia and Australia, the company’s professional recruitment expertise spans banking & financial services; commerce & industry and professional services. Morgan McKinley is a preferred supplier to many of the major employers in its specialist sectors and thousands of smaller local firms.

In 2015 Morgan McKinley was awarded Best Banking & Financial Services Recruitment Agency at the Recruiter Awards 2015.


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