A new partnership with Intuit Workforce

Onfido partners with Intuit Workforce to help On-Demand businesses scale their workforce quickly, safely, and at scale.

We’re proud to announce a new partnership integration with Intuit Workforce, a new product that helps connect on-demand companies like Luxe, Washio and OrderUp with contract workers to streamline and scale their workforce. The new product is the result of Intuit’s acquisition of Playbook HR in March 2015.

Onfido’s new API integration with Intuit Workforce allows businesses to seamlessly carry out the necessary background checks on their potential workers in order to ensure compliance with industry standards. With the number of on-demand workers predicted to double by 2020, this sector is growing rapidly thereby bringing increasing complexity to workforce management. Through integrations with industry-standard tools such as Onfido, Intuit Workforce is enabling companies to recruit a high-quality workforce, quickly and at scale. Other integrations include HelloSign (legally-binding electronic signatures) and Lesson.ly (custom trackable tests and training).

Onfido is a global, automated background checking platform. Through smart technology and a data-driven approach, Onfido is a fast, simple and accurate screening solution that allows companies to remotely verify the identity of their potential users, amongst a number of other background checks.

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