Hassle releases a new Ruby client for the Onfido API

Our friends at Hassle recently released an open source Ruby client for the Onfido API. You will find the gem on our GitHub, and it’s also been published on RubyGems.

The Onfido API is used to submit background checking requests, and has been built using standard HTTP verbs and RESTful endpoints, a leading method used to provide shared services to a wide range of web clients. In order to indicate the status of the message and any error codes, we have used both a consistent envelope for all responses and response codes. JSON is returned on all our API responses, with a consistent structure for all messages.

Thanks to the release of the Ruby client, apps can now integrate even more quickly and effectively with our API, which will make it easier for companies to run background checks on their app users. You will be able to get the API key if you sign up here.

We can’t wait to see what companies are going to create using the new wrapper, and of course are open to feedback and suggestions.

Finally, we would also like to thank the Hassle team for their fantastic work, and invite coders to test the API out, have fun with it and report any issues on the GitHub repo.

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Sharkasy "Shakes" is a senior software engineer at Onfido and his ambition is to drive technological innovation in his field. Shakes loves running, writing, watching cartoons and playing with kids.