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In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity. Essential, everyday tasks such as cooking, shopping and laundry often get sidelined. Cleaning is no exception; it’s an important and inevitable part of our daily chores and yet it unfailingly ends up at the bottom of the to-do list.

Recognising this, UK start-up has created an online marketplace that helps busy people find and book reviewed and trusted, local cleaners – all for just £10 per hour. Unlike a cleaning agency, is a platform through which self-employed cleaners can run their own micro-business, and gives them the freedom to choose when and for whom they want to work.

Founded in 2011 by co-founders Jules Coleman, Alex Depledge and Tom Nimmo, the company soon realised that background checks were an essential ingredient to its success.

“As a business that relies on trust, background checks are extremely important to us,” explains Alex. “When our customers let a cleaner into their home, we want them to have the peace of mind that this person is trustworthy and that their possessions are safe. We only want to work with the very best, trusted cleaners and Onfido helps make that so much easier.”

Driving business efficiency

Before working with Onfido, used several external providers to carry out documentation and identity checks on their cleaners. However, the protracted process and lengthy turnaround times were a recurring challenge, resulting in a drawn-out onboarding process for cleaners before they were able to start working.

By using Onfido, has streamlined its business. “Onfido has made us much more efficient and thorough in the way we work,” says Alex. “Beyond that, we’ve got an API integration that saves us about 15 minutes per application, so that’s a bit of a lifesaver too!”

The efficiency drivers are twofold. The first is thoroughness: by using technology to aggregate information from a comprehensive range of global databases, Onfido is able to capture information on individuals with thin credit files, such as those who may have only recently moved to the UK. The second is speed. Through its automated platform and API integration, Onfido is able to provide a fast, seamless service which significantly reduces turnaround times.

The Onfido experience

But for, the key differentiator is not just the product, it’s the service. “The level of care and customer service is a cut above the rest; they are very receptive to new ideas and really go the extra mile”, says Alex.

While technology guarantees accuracy, efficiency and consistency, human services provide expertise, experience and social intelligence. As a start-up, is continually growing, and changing, and they can trust Onfido to listen and develop the product according to their needs.

There’s just one part of the experience however, that hasn’t gone quite as smoothly… Alex concedes, “they’re a great team. BUT (and it’s a big but!) we’re not happy that they thrashed us at football! We’re already practicing for next time!”

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Chiara is the Marketing Director at Onfido. When not at her desk, she is a reluctant runner and loves everything that goes fast (unlike her running!)