DevOps Engineer - We're Hiring

Are you passionate about automation? A firm believer in infrastructure as code? We’re looking for a DevOps Engineer with at least 2 years work-ex to join our ten-man Dev Team.

The powerhouse of the Onfido brand, this exceptional team drives at automating everything. The right candidate will have broad and relevant experience, ideally at a startup, and will have ownership of:

  1. Developing, implementing and maintaining robust monitoring systems for internal and production systems
  2. Deployment automation (ideally with previous experience of continuous delivery)
  3. Scaling applications for performance and reliability
    Our DevOps Engineer will also have the ambition and vision to drive our infrastructure forward. He or she will be responsible for:

  4. Installing, upgrading and managing physical and virtual hardware and software

  5. Supporting disaster recovery, backup, redundancy and capacity planning activities
  6. Supporting the Dev Team in building a highly fault-tolerant application
    For more information, or to apply, click here and start your Onfido journey!
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Kartik does online marketing stuff at Onfido. He plays with marketing technology, gets excited by data and comes up with weird logic regarding pool, football and every thing in between.