Changes, Chances, and a lot of work…


In the past 4 months, my life has changed considerably. I left my previous job, left my country and joined the Onfido team in London. I started at Onfido with an unusual feeling: everything was new yet all seemed so familiar!

Being among all these talented people helped a lot. The room is always full of smart people and everyday is a learning journey. It also helps that everyone is constantly aiming to learn: to learn more; to learn from everyone; to learn by sharing; to learn by symbiosis; to learn competing only with themselves.

We all share a well defined goal: being the best! Awareness, respect, empathy, intelligence, humility and the strongest of wills to do more, better, are the requirements we fulfil every single day!


A few days ago, I read a Tweet that caught my eye. It said that, in order to be in the right place at the right time, first you must spend a lot of time being in the right place at the wrong time. I would add that a dose of luck can work miracles, making the amount of work needed a little less but never replacing it. And I was lucky!

At Onfido the path is clearly defined. Everybody has a well-defined role but that never prevents us from helping out and sharing our own views and opinions. Our different teams are not hermetically closed doing mindless work. We take care of each other!

and a lot of work….

During my time at Onfido I had the privilege of being part of the team developing our US API. I also had all the support I needed to finish my first book that was published yesterday. Elixir Cookbook is a collection of recipes that cover some of Elixir’s features and concepts. I sincerely hope it will help some developers to realise the potential of Elixir and functional programming to tackle some of the challenges we face every day.

One of the highlights of these 4 months, as the result of everybody’s hard work, was Wednesday’s funding announcement. The future looks bright and, in the engineering team, we are always evaluating new technologies. We mainly develop in Ruby but we are trying to integrate Elixir and Erlang in our workflow as a way to increase performance and fault tolerance. Part of my future work will be this integration, the release of some open source projects and “creating” some tutorials and tech documentation that we will share on the blog. My next blog post, on Phoenix Framework, will be here on March the 6th.

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