Onfidoer Wins at Oxford University Awards Ceremony

Last week, a member of our team returned to us victorious after winning an award at the 2015 Students Awards ceremony hosted by Oxford University Students’ Union. Jamie Miles’ OxTweet project bagged the ‘Most Innovative Project of the Year’ award – arguably, the most prestigious award available on the night.

OxTweet is a Twitter project with the aim of dispelling myths. To do so, it brings together Oxford students from all subjects to share their academic and social lives with prospective applicants. With a collective following of over 30,000, the project has been endorsed by the University for the incredible impact it has had. The willingness of the Oxford students to offer candid insights and personalised support was specially noted.

Jamie created the project to make the Oxford application process more transparent. As the first person from his school to attend the University of Oxford, he experienced first-hand the information gap present. Never one to miss an opportunity, Jamie set up OxTweet to help others in a similar situation.

In addition to OxTweet, Jamie has his own YouTube channel that aims to help students fulfill their academic potential by offering study skills advice and tips on how to apply to Oxford. The channel has gained a subscriber base of over 6,000 young people, who have formed a supportive community to help others succeed in their learning. Building upon the success of these projects, Jamie founded An Odd Education earlier this year to continue sharing the best study skill techniques.

Jamie is always keen to speak to others passionate about improving education. His aim is to make An Odd Education the best learning resource on the internet. Please do reach out at jamie@anoddeducation.com.

The latest OxTweets: https://twitter.com/OxTweeters

Jamie’s YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/jamoemills

An Odd Education: http://anoddeducation.com

Heartiest congratulations to Jamie from the entire Onfido team. Here’s to many more awards!

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