MIV Catch Up - Onfido

On 6th November, MyIncubator Ventures (#MIVReveals) interviewed Husayn Kassai, co-founder of Onfido, on Twitter.

Onfido, a London-based technology firm, was founded in 2012 by Oxford University graduates Husayn Kassai, Eamon Jubbawy and Rulhul Amin, with £330,000 of seed funding raised from nine angel investors, in addition to £200,000 from Said Business School, Oxford University’s ISIS Innovation, and other investors. Offering complete control of the background checking process, Onfido allows clients to manage all background checks in one place, eliminating hassle and streamlining pre-employment screening operations.

Hi @Onfido, thanks for joining us today! For those that don’t know could you just explain to us what it is you do? #MIVReveals

Hey @Myincventures! Our data-driven platform helps employers make fast informed decisions on who they can trust. Our self-service platform lets employers carry out identity, financial & criminal background checks (BGC).

Can you tell us a little more about your background and how you got started with @Onfido? #MIVReveals

Having experienced difficult BGC processes ourselves, we started building smart tech to make it easier.

Oh, so that’s where you came up with the idea for @Onfido! Was it similar to anything you’ve worked on before? #MIVReveals

5 years ago we started ReferenceBox, allowing applicants to collect references from their university tutors. Things have changed but the core idea is to use technology to address the asymmetry of information in recruitment.

Brilliant! So what would you say are the key benefits of completing background checks @Onfido? #MIVReveals

Making decisions on merit alone through eliminating asymmetry of information; building a better workforce and staying compliant.

What support – financial and mentoring – did you have in the beginning with @Onfido? #MIVReveals

We’re lucky in our great advisor network. Many pros are open to helping start-ups; they admire entrepreneurs and want to be part of something exciting. We always show our gratitude and we don’t take things for granted.

Fantastic, sounds like you had some great support! What has been your greatest achievement with @Onfido? #MIVReveals

Last Friday we went out as a team with some new joiners and I stayed late with the newest team member. He moved over from Europe to join us and said that coming in to work feels like going home! Big contracts come and go, but having a company culture that you can be proud of will always stay.

That’s always great to hear! Whilst setting up @Onfido have there been any hurdles – how did you solve them? #MIVReveals

The major challenge is attracting top talent. The solution is to create a culture that genuinely values every member.

So what are the future plans for @Onfido? Any new developments we should keep an eye out for? #MIVReveals

Geographic expansion – we will be across Europe and North America by the end of the year!

Wow, so a bit of a global takeover then! Finally, what advice would you give to other #Graduates who are thinking of setting up their own business @Onfid? #MIVReveals

Start early. University is the best place to experiment; don’t wait until after. It’s also crucial to address a “real” problem.

Great advice! Thanks for talking to us today @Onfido! It’s been great to hear your story #MIVReveals

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