Who are Onfido Background Checks and what can we do for you?

In our first blog post we thought we’d give everyone an overview of Onfido and explain just how we are disrupting the background checking industry.

So what does Onfido do? We’ve been described as the Quickbooks of background checking.

In the 1980s, businesses of all sizes were having to make the tough decision of whether to outsource their bookkeeping to expensive accountants or to try and manage difficult accounting procedures in-house. Luckily for all of us, accounting software, and Quickbooks in particular, came along and gave businesses an easy, cost effective self-service solution to manage their accounts themselves.

We’ve been described as the QuickBooks of background checking

At Onfido, we are revolutionising employment background checks in the same way. Employers want to be able to trust the person they’re hiring. Trust they are who they say they are, and trust they their past is as clean or as impressive as they claim. The only way to build this trust is through carrying out background checks.

Now, similar to the 1980s accounting case, businesses today have two choices when it comes to employment screening. First, they can outsource their checks to a background checking agency, which is slow, expensive and usually gets you tied up into long-term contracts with a load of extra features and services you don’t really want or need.

Their second option is to try and manage these checks in-house. This option involves hours of manual form-filling, tracking and chasing of applicants and referees, as well as the difficulty of obtaining information from multiple sources to try and verify a candidate’s identity, history and suitability for a job role.

Given the dilemma posed to businesses faced with these choices, Onfido offers the solution. We’ve built the world’s most intelligent online background checking software. Onfido is a data-driven platform to help employers make fast, informed decisions on who they can trust.

For the small and medium sized businesses who can’t afford the huge fees charged by traditional background checking agencies, Onfido offers an easy, cost-effective self-service platform to manage their pre-employment screening. SMEs are using Onfido as a simple way to quickly and cheaply obtain comprehensive reports which give them complete peace of mind through best-in-class legal compliance and a clear audit trail.

But it doesn’t stop there. Large enterprises are switching to Onfido too. Why? Because they no longer want to relinquish control of the background checking process to outsourced agencies. Onfido gives employers complete control over the process, offering them the ability to customise the type and level of checks for each individual candidate they screen. What’s more, employers can easily track the progress of each applicant online in real time through live data feeds.

Feel free to take a tour of our website, sign up for free, invite others, and see how we can help your business make objective and consistent hiring decisions. If you have any questions, need any clarification, or wish to suggest some other features you would like to see us offer in the future, please feel free to get in touch.

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Ed is Head of Operations at Onfido - that is to say he co-ordinates all the magic that happens here behind the scenes! In his spare time he's a semi-professional DJ and event organiser!